On Wednesday we were weather-bound in Lauwersoog.  Catherine took the bus into Groningen for the day, leaving Skip and I to work on the boat.

One of the jobs which I didn’t have time for before we left Ipswich was to replace the fuseboard and add some more switches.

The old wiring had accumulated over 40 years and we had added to it, meaning that it had some annoying quirks. For example, we had to switch on the compass light in order to use the depth-sounder, and there was no way to turn off the AIS receiver other than switching off everything at the main isolator.

Spaghetti behind the old fuse panel. It still looks quite like this.

It took all day to unwire the old panel and wire up the replacement.  It was a fun day’s work except towards the end when I got annoyed at only having the type of soldering iron that you heat up in a fire (in our case on the gas hob).

Lizzie’s low tech soldering iron.

By the time we left for Borkum at 5am the next day, almost everything worked again.  Except the autohelm and the chart plotter, but I had Catherine to steer and we use the Android tablet instead of the chart plotter at the moment.

Since arriving in Borkum I have got those two things working and fixed a couple of other niggles.

New switch panel and volt/ammeter. Awaiting better labels, and I had better fill in the hole soon or Catherine will tell me off.