A holiday on Spiekeroog

Lizzie in the mud in Spiekeroog harbour.

Apart from running aground briefly, our trip along the inside of the German Friesian islands was very successful.

We left Borkum on Sunday evening and crossed a watershed on each of the next four high tides.  After each one we anchored out of the channel, sheltered by all the sandbanks that the falling tide left dry.  Luckily all the high tides were in daylight so no night navigation was required (the withies are not lit, though they do have reflective tape on).

We even managed to cross two watersheds in one tide, making a total of five, behind the islands of Borkum, Juist, Norderney, Baltrum and Langeoog, and we reached Spiekeroog harbour on Tuesday morning.

We were now only 25 miles from the entrance to the Elbe river, and were nearing the end of the islands. The entrance to the Elbe is notoriously rough so we decided to stay in Spiekeroog and await benign weather conditions.

The next few days were all strong Easterly winds (as usual for this summer), so we just chilled out on the boat in the harbour and explored the island.

The harbour dries out at low tide, but the bottom is very soft mud so the boats just stand up in it.