Lizzie gets lifted out

We had decided to leave Lizzie in Denmark over the winter, to give us the option of more baltic sailing another year.   After reading lots of good things about Augustenborg Yacht Harbour from the Cruising Association (who have a brilliant Baltic Layup Directory), we contacted Anders to reserve a spot in one of his sheds.

Now we were finally here we had a busy time getting everything dry and ready to go into winter storage.  The mast had to come off, and so the boom and all sails had to be stored below decks.  The sun finally came out for the last day so Lizzie went into her shed lovely and dry.  Anders and the rest of the boatyard staff were all very jolly and amazingly efficient – we had to head off early the next morning after she was lifted out, but they kindly sent us a picture of “Lizzie in the house” as they termed it(!):