Back to the Baltic – lots of trains and a great bath!

Tom and I have a month off work (yep we are very jammy) and so we have come back out to our boat Lizzie in Denmark with the aim of sailing her back towards the UK.  We left her snug in a shed in Augustenborg over the winter, and the trip back out here – entirely by public transport –  was quite an adventure in itself.

Glossop – London – Amsterdam – Flensburg – Sønderborg – boat took 3 days, and thanks to the incredible Deutsche Bahn rail app which gives you live updates on all the connections you are definitely going to miss, we only arrived a few hours late, despite lightning strikes, points failures and a major incident which closed all the railway lines into Denmark.  Still the journey wasn’t without high points and it was particularly reassuring to know that sailors aren’t the only ones to suffer from navigational errors; on the approaches to Hamburg station our train went the wrong way out of a set of points and we appeared set to bypass the station all together until the driver presumably noticed the error and reversed! 

The second, more genuine positive was a very pleasant stopover in Amsterdam, where we stayed in the brilliant volkshotel again, who upgraded us to one of their themed rooms – this one had a projector and massive screen so that you could watch films in bed – or even from the bath? (It was a great bath)  I suspect some of the benefit was lost on us, we watched  a documentary on the Barkley marathons and then fell asleep.

Now we’re here we’ve been doing a few jobs – rigging our brand new headsail, installing a new AIS unit and filling up with food, fuel and water before we can set off.   

Lizzie back in the water with her smart new headsail!