Back into the north sea – and the waves

After a relatively smooth transition from Baltic to Canal at the eastern end of the Kiel Ship Canal, the drama quota was provided in full at the western end where we locked down from Brunsbuttel into the infamous river Elbe in a fresh southerly wind.   Wind over tide whipped up a nasty sea in the lock approaches and it was touch and go (and very wet) for a moment or two before crossing to the more sheltered side of the channel, where the waves were a bit smaller and more manageable.

On the plus side with over 3 knots of tide swooshing us down river it was a quick trip to Cuxhaven.  And when we got there we could bail out the errant north sea that had made it’s way onboard.  It had even pentrated one of the cabin top vents over the galley with the result that my stock cubes were now extra salty…  oh well – worse things happen at sea?

Locking up at Holtenau – with a couple of tankers