In 2014 we bought a 1972 Contessa 26 sailing yacht and set off from Gosport for a summer of cruising up the West coast of the UK.  We had an amazing summer, exploring everywhere from the Scillies to the Hebrides.

Since then we have been back at work to earn some more money, got married and acquired a border-collie-cross called Skip.

In the winter of 2017/18 we removed Lizzie’s broken diesel inboard engine and were planning to install an electric motor system in anticipation of a summer sailing around the Baltic.

However, we also had the hull treated for osmosis at the same time, and that overran so badly that we ran out of time to install the electric system.  Once the hull was finally ready we quickly bolted a petrol outboard on and set off for Holland.

You can find out where we currently are on the Marine Traffic website.